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Become an advocate

Advocate for policy and program changes that would promote palliative care and hospice programs in your state or community prisons.

Given the graying of the US prison population, it is critical to raise stakeholder awareness about the need for prison hospice, and the cost-effective solution available to remediate this burgeoning public health problem.

Humane Prison Hospice Project believes that hospice is a basic right and should be a part of any community standard healthcare offered in prisons.

Humane Prison Hospice Project is always interested in connecting with like-minded policy/advocacy experts. If you would like to lend your support, reach out to Lisa Deal at [email protected].

Partner with us

Generous donations from individuals, foundations, and partner organizations make the work of Humane Prison Hospice Project possible.

Humane Prison Hospice Project depends on partnerships of many kinds. We are seeking:

  • Funding partners
  • Experienced facilitators who have hospice experience
  • Organizations that can gather 50+ people for virtual showings of “Prison Terminal” and a panel discussion with our team members

Begin a conversation with [email protected] about how you can help advance our work.

"When speaking on end-of-life care, no one should be excluded. Dying with dignity is an essential component of our humanity and needs to be extended even into the shadows of our society where far too often there are those who will die alone."

– Marvin Mutch 

Humane Prison Hospice Project is a program of Commonweal.