Our partners

Vital support

Generous donations from individuals, foundations, and partner organizations make the work of Humane Prison Hospice Project possible.

Our individual donors are numerous and not listed here, but these are the key foundations and organizations that support our work:

Partner with us

Humane Prison Hospice Project depends on partnerships of many kinds.

We are seeking:

  • Funding partners
  • Experienced facilitators who have hospice experience
  • Organizations that can gather 50+ people for virtual showings of “Prison Terminal” and a panel discussion with our team members

Begin a conversation with [email protected] about how you can help advance our work.

Institutional Partners


Our fiscal sponsor, and through which Humane Prison Hospice Project has 501(c)3 status

Supporting Partners

Compassion & Choices


Dune Road Foundation through Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors


Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation




John and Wauna Harman Foundation


The California Wellness Foundation




EDL Northwest


The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation


Our special thanks go to The Last Mile for their work on the original website for Humane Prison Hospice Project.

"Over the last year we have been working with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to expand their peer caregiver model and develop a group of highly trained peer support paraprofessionals who can support not only those aging and dying inside prison walls but who, upon completion of their rehabilitative process, will be able to return to the community with a skillset that is useful, needed, and provides a living wage essential for successful reentry."

— Lisa Deal

Humane Prison Hospice Project is a program of Commonweal.